Creating a Customer

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At main menu click on Customers >> Add new customer






This will open the Add new customer window




Fields description
Customer ID (mandatory field): alphanumeric identifier for the customer, must be unique
Category (mandatory field): You can group customers into categories. Just select existing category from list or enter a new one
Status: Active by default. Inactive customer will not appear in the customers list when invoicing
Business Name (mandatory field): the customer's company name or a personal name.
Address (mandatory field, multiple lines): Customer address or other information, appears on invoices
Ship to Name (optional field): company name or a personal name
Shipping Address (optional field, multiple lines): use this field if you would like to print the shipping address on invoice
Email (mandatory field): Customer email address. This email address is used by default when emailing invoices, estimates,
orders or payment receipts. Email address can be changed per customer, per invoice or when emailing.
Specific Tax1, Specific Tax2 (optional): Default tax rate for the customer,automatically applied when invoicing. Tax rates can be changed per customer , per invoice or application wide
Tax Exempt: Check this if your customer is exempt from any taxes. In this case no tax calculated for this customer on invoices.
Discount %: Any default discount you specified for the customer will be automatically applied when invoicing.
Country, City (optional fields): reserved for future reporting needs
Notes (optional field,multiple lines):Any kind of notes, not printed on invoices.
When you've entered all necessary information, click on OK button to save changes

Creating a Customer

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